Sexy Portsmouth couple likes to be watched by older men


I’m a 54 year old married man who likes to have a little fun online with cam girls so when I came across an ad from a young couple requesting older guys to watch them while they fuck I straight away checked in to their cam room and started chatting with them. Ken & Barby are just 21 years old from Portsmouth, they’re both gorgeous but Barbie is absolutely stunning, long blonde hair, banging body, tanned and pretty blue eyes. I couldn’t wait to see Ken whip his cock out and penetrate his girlfriend who you could tell was hungry for a good fuck and was really excited that they had an older guy watching them.

These two really have no limits, everything I asked Ken to do to his pretty girlfriend he done, from rimming her asshole to anal sex and Barbie enjoyed everything I suggested her shaved pussy was thick of white stuff and as time went on the more white cum came from her tight pink hole. I watched as he Ken fucked his girlfriend doggy style with his hands on her firm, tiny breasts and his cock ramming in and out of her pussy. I asked if they did anal sex, Ken then  picked her wet panties up from the floor and put them in her mouth he then got his long hard cock  and eased it in to her asshole, as Barbie grimaced she bit down on her knickers and took his full length as he went balls deep in t o he rectum, pulling his cock all the way out and then back in again stretching her ass, all the time she’s looking in to her web cam with a look of both pain and pleasure as he buggered his girlfriend. I had never seen a girl orgasm from anal sex before but all of a sudden as he fucked harder and faster she started to cum, she spat her knickers out of her mouth and moaned really loud and then her body started to shake violently and ass hips gyrating, pushing herself back on to his hard cock so it would go deeper in  to her wrecked asshole. Barbie then turned around and exposed her gaping asshole to the webcam close up so I could see it full of hers and his cum, she then asshole winked at the cam! So fucking hot!

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